Print Experimentation Area is a gathering and accumulation of perspectives, a space to host sprawling collaborations and publications. Through a residency program, print room, workshops, newsletter, and occasional picnics, we hope to support open and generous ways of making and distributing publications within a community.

We are are closed for the summer and will reopen in the fall ~ stay tuned!

Lets Be Frank
by Anna Wolfe-Pauly


Frank is not a person. Frank is a legend. Frank is a composition. Frank is a model for experience and for letting ourselves in. Conceived of as both a manual and an atmosphere, Let’s Be Frank presents a method for meeting the weather in all of its immediacy, simultaneity, and distance. The weather is a telepresent phenomenon that is without distinct origin. Another kind of knowledge is amassed by weather and it happens in sensation. In order to understand the weather’s ability to be in multiple places at once, we must come to address it as virtual. This guide will help you tune in to your weather sensation. Sound artist Izaak Schlossman will debut a new piece transforming the immediate aural environment of the release party, as perceived by a single microphone, into an array of reactive and agitated states. This will be followed by a reading by Anna from Let’s Be Frank.


2727 California Street
Berkeley, CA

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